Listener Stories


At 7:25 A.M. on Feb. the 9th,we lost our very much loved 5# toy poodle-Tia.My wife came in the front door returning from a morning walk.Tia was always so excited to see either one of us. Tia saw her coming from her perch on a chair where she could look out the front picture window,and she broke for the door as my wife entered the house. Tia jumped up to meet my wife,but came down awkwardly on the smooth wood floor. She must have landed somehow striking her neck/head,as she was gone in less than a second.  I held her for an hour and a half, pleading that the Lord Jesus would give back to us — but, apparently, there must have been a small child in heaven in need of a wonderful dog.

Tia would get toys according to which one you told her to get. She watched tv with us,and really disliked bad people on tv–flying off the couch and barking at them. Tia loved everyone. I cannot remember Tia killing anything—not even a fly,or spider. Tia kept the squirrels off her grass in the backyard,as well as any cat,though most cats were often more than twice her size. She was the best of travellers–making 3-trips to the NW with us in our truck & 5th-wheel, as well as a recent 5000 mile trip to SE Florida. She took it upon herself instantly to be the guardian of our new grandson in Florida, going where ever he was–if she could get into the room.

Tia was our little baby girl.She never had pups,as we had her spayed.

Life is so fragile and temporal. Please hug somebody, or a pet whenever you get the chance. We will never forget the happiness little Tia brought into our lives. I know that she will be there to greet us when we get to heaven. She will be forever in our thoughts.

— Dennis & Joni from Loveland, CO



I said good-by to my beloved Bayly yesterday. She was my running buddy. For 11 years she was a constant presence in our home. She made herself known to everyone. She was the loudest, most annoying and frustrating dog I have ever had and I have never loved a dog more than I loved Bayly. She was with us through our son’s 4 years in the Marines, graduations, college, vacations, weddings and the death of my Mom who loved Bayly almost as much as I did. I could write page after page of the wonderful memories Bayly gave our family. As we remember her we will laugh and cry and never forget her. The last Christmas gift my Mom gave me was a beautiful picture of Bayly she had someone paint. It captured her so perfectly.

I had her cremated and I will spread her ashes at her favorite swimming hole along our favorite running route. She will watch God’s beautiful sunsets every day.

— Stacy  from Kindred, ND


We had just completed a move to a new house. It was the fourth of July and our Stinky was missing that night. It appeared I didn’t do a through   inspection of the perimeter fence and he had found a hole to get through. We searched up and down the neighborhood but we could not find ol Stinky.

I remember watching the fireworks go off and just feeling sick that i could not find my Dog. After a restless night of know sleep I Got up with sun and went outside to see if maybe he had come home. From a distance along a trail I could  make out little black and white dog hoping along. I knew it was him. I called for him and his pace quickened and my heart quicken with the excitement of having my dog back with me again.As Stinky drew closer I could tell that some thing was horribly wrong. I rushed around the house to the trail, Stinky had obviously been ran over by a vehicle. With out going into to much detail one limb was hanging by  skin and he was so dirty with blood and dirt. But what broke my heart was his courage . He was just waging is tail so happy to see me that his injuries just didn’t matter to him he was home and that was all that mattered to him. That image of him waging his tail will be with me forever. We had Stinky put down that day as his injuries were to great. How he managed to make it home is explained by his courage to be with the ones he loved.

Thanks for letting me share.

— Gerald from


Our dog, Casey, was the third person in our marriage!

More people in our small town knew her than knew me. She was a Goldendoodle. She had the head & tail of a Golden, and the curly fur of a poodle. She was a trained therapy dog. And everybody loved her, and she loved them back.

I could go on, but my eyes are tearing up too badly.

On Aug. 26 we were sitting on our driveway patio having ice tea – Caseywas at our side, as usual. When she saw a squirrel across the street. She gave it her usual long look, then made a dash toward the pest, just as an older gentleman from our neighborhood started from a stop. I screamed NO, but he hit her and dragged her about 30 yards. She somehow can out from the car,ran uncoordinatedly to my wife (whom she adored) collapsed at her feet and died.

For some reason her loss is one death I can’t seem to get over.

Casey will always be in my heart. Right now there is an ache in the middle of my chest. We miss her so …..

— Bill from Lakeside, OH


I lost my dog, Rex, 3 weeks ago, the noblest, sweetest, kindest creature that ever walked God’s earth. He was a border collie/golden retriever mix and when he passed, he was 15. I am a professional musician, and I have many videos of Rex singing with me at the top of his lungs – he would sing his heart out! He also was a fearless and avid swimmer / diver, and had no qualms about diving off high dives! He was loved by everyone who met him and I miss him so terribly. Thank you for letting me have somewhere to post his memory. My buddy, my best friend, he was exactly what he was meant to be – how many of us can say the same?  Goodbye my boy Rex, I will always love you.

— Holly from Takoma Park, MD



My siberian husky KOPPER *copper and white with blue eyes) was born on the same day-and hour and year that my beloved siberian husky YUKON died in my arms at 1am. Yukon had diabetes and i had to give him two large shots of insulin daily.

Kopper was a gift from God as i did not want to look for another dog after Yukon died. but i forced myself to google for one in Tucson,Az. To mysurprize i found Kopper- But almost lost him too-as the breeder told me only one red and white male siberian was available….than frantically called me back and said they made a mistake another male siberian was there that they thought was a female!! thus kopper was sent home with me only after 5 weeks of his birth!! kopper has the same places and habits as Yukon who was a black and silver siberian with blue eyes ,his urn sits next to my bed on the night stand along side of koppers bed,when not in mine!

God had a gift for me and a miracle was born -iam 67 years old and being treated for cancer at the university of Arizona Cancer Center-kopper gave me a reason to live!

— Dwight from Oro Valley, AZ