My siberian husky KOPPER *copper and white with blue eyes) was born on the same day-and hour and year that my beloved siberian husky YUKON died in my arms at 1am. Yukon had diabetes and i had to give him two large shots of insulin daily.

Kopper was a gift from God as i did not want to look for another dog after Yukon died. but i forced myself to google for one in Tucson,Az. To mysurprize i found Kopper- But almost lost him too-as the breeder told me only one red and white male siberian was available….than frantically called me back and said they made a mistake another male siberian was there that they thought was a female!! thus kopper was sent home with me only after 5 weeks of his birth!! kopper has the same places and habits as Yukon who was a black and silver siberian with blue eyes ,his urn sits next to my bed on the night stand along side of koppers bed,when not in mine!

God had a gift for me and a miracle was born -iam 67 years old and being treated for cancer at the university of Arizona Cancer Center-kopper gave me a reason to live!

— Dwight from Oro Valley, AZ