Our beloved Gucci, who just celebrated his 10th birthday, died unexpectedly on 12-13-2015 from stress induced cardiomyopathy (layman’s term – “a broken heart.”). After my son married 2 months ago and moved out of our home, Gucci was unable to cope. Initially, I attributed Gucci’s weight loss and malaise to diabetes. However, just 6 days before his death, Gucci was diagnosed with a broken heart. Last week, my son was in CO. Our plan was that upon his return, Andy & his wife planned to stay/ at our home, nuture Gucci back, and transition him to their home, Gucci’s condition unexpectedly deteriorated. Saturday afternoon, we kept re-assuring Gucci that Andy was on his way home. Finally, Sunday night, Gucci heard our garage door open, I told Gucci that Andy is home. Gucci got up, looked up, collapsed, and instantly died as Andy ran through the door. Gucci was our family member. Our sadness and sorrow is raw and painful. I know Gucci had 10 years of incredible love, affection, and attention, which made his separatin from Andy very difficult. We are so sad and guilt ridden that none of us recognized Gucci’s emotional distress. Andy & I each purchased “Rescuing Sprite.” Mark, tt helps to read your stories from someone who also lost their beloved family member. Thank You!

  • Barb from WI