Two years ago, I moved to my family’s farm in southwest Oklahoma. I’m single, and have no children. I recently lost my Boston Terrier, Rosemary. After a couple of months, my uncle Kevin must have noticed that I was becoming a hermit, losing connection with humanity, and may well have voted Democrat at some point, as insanity drives most to do.

Thank God, he gave me an address, a vague set of instructions, and when I returned hoe I had Axl, a blue-heeler-I-don’t-know-what mix. His owner was a nice gal who was being deployed out of Ft. Sill to Afghanistan, and she made sure through her screening process that he would be happy. He loves the farm, the attention, and is a great companion for me. I may even follow what I imagine his advice would be regarding my social life (go to town more and meet a girl).

Great show, and great Dog site. Keep it up!

— Bobby from OK