I said good-by to my beloved Bayly yesterday. She was my running buddy. For 11 years she was a constant presence in our home. She made herself known to everyone. She was the loudest, most annoying and frustrating dog I have ever had and I have never loved a dog more than I loved Bayly. She was with us through our son’s 4 years in the Marines, graduations, college, vacations, weddings and the death of my Mom who loved Bayly almost as much as I did. I could write page after page of the wonderful memories Bayly gave our family. As we remember her we will laugh and cry and never forget her. The last Christmas gift my Mom gave me was a beautiful picture of Bayly she had someone paint. It captured her so perfectly.

I had her cremated and I will spread her ashes at her favorite swimming hole along our favorite running route. She will watch God’s beautiful sunsets every day.

— Stacy¬† from Kindred, ND