Our dog, Casey, was the third person in our marriage!

More people in our small town knew her than knew me. She was a Goldendoodle. She had the head & tail of a Golden, and the curly fur of a poodle. She was a trained therapy dog. And everybody loved her, and she loved them back.

I could go on, but my eyes are tearing up too badly.

On Aug. 26 we were sitting on our driveway patio having ice tea – Caseywas at our side, as usual. When she saw a squirrel across the street. She gave it her usual long look, then made a dash toward the pest, just as an older gentleman from our neighborhood started from a stop. I screamed NO, but he hit her and dragged her about 30 yards. She somehow can out from the car,ran uncoordinatedly to my wife (whom she adored) collapsed at her feet and died.

For some reason her loss is one death I can’t seem to get over.

Casey will always be in my heart. Right now there is an ache in the middle of my chest. We miss her so …..

— Bill from Lakeside, OH