At 7:25 A.M. on Feb. the 9th,we lost our very much loved 5# toy poodle-Tia.My wife came in the front door returning from a morning walk.Tia was always so excited to see either one of us. Tia saw her coming from her perch on a chair where she could look out the front picture window,and she broke for the door as my wife entered the house. Tia jumped up to meet my wife,but came down awkwardly on the smooth wood floor. She must have landed somehow striking her neck/head,as she was gone in less than a second.  I held her for an hour and a half, pleading that the Lord Jesus would give back to us — but, apparently, there must have been a small child in heaven in need of a wonderful dog.

Tia would get toys according to which one you told her to get. She watched tv with us,and really disliked bad people on tv–flying off the couch and barking at them. Tia loved everyone. I cannot remember Tia killing anything—not even a fly,or spider. Tia kept the squirrels off her grass in the backyard,as well as any cat,though most cats were often more than twice her size. She was the best of travellers–making 3-trips to the NW with us in our truck & 5th-wheel, as well as a recent 5000 mile trip to SE Florida. She took it upon herself instantly to be the guardian of our new grandson in Florida, going where ever he was–if she could get into the room.

Tia was our little baby girl.She never had pups,as we had her spayed.

Life is so fragile and temporal. Please hug somebody, or a pet whenever you get the chance. We will never forget the happiness little Tia brought into our lives. I know that she will be there to greet us when we get to heaven. She will be forever in our thoughts.

— Dennis & Joni from Loveland, CO