We had just completed a move to a new house. It was the fourth of July and our Stinky was missing that night. It appeared I didn’t do a through   inspection of the perimeter fence and he had found a hole to get through. We searched up and down the neighborhood but we could not find ol Stinky.

I remember watching the fireworks go off and just feeling sick that i could not find my Dog. After a restless night of know sleep I Got up with sun and went outside to see if maybe he had come home. From a distance along a trail I could  make out little black and white dog hoping along. I knew it was him. I called for him and his pace quickened and my heart quicken with the excitement of having my dog back with me again.As Stinky drew closer I could tell that some thing was horribly wrong. I rushed around the house to the trail, Stinky had obviously been ran over by a vehicle. With out going into to much detail one limb was hanging by  skin and he was so dirty with blood and dirt. But what broke my heart was his courage . He was just waging is tail so happy to see me that his injuries just didn’t matter to him he was home and that was all that mattered to him. That image of him waging his tail will be with me forever. We had Stinky put down that day as his injuries were to great. How he managed to make it home is explained by his courage to be with the ones he loved.

Thanks for letting me share.

— Gerald from