I lost my Little Friend last August just 2 weeks after his 13th birthday, He was a Chinese Pug named Willy. He collapsed on a Saturday Afternoon while We were Camping with Friends on a Small 1 acre parcel of land  I purchased 3 years ago which i quickly named Willys Acre..After 2 trips to the Vet in the Following 5 days after his event I was advised to euthanize him, and regretably I made that gut wrenching decision on Aug 14th 2013, it litteraly sucked the life out of me and was the toughest call ive ever made in my life…Even Now I expect every morning for Willy to jump up and be at my feet when i wake up every morning.. Willy. was the only Democrat that I really ever admired , even though he expected to be fed daily and laid around and slept for hours , basicly he Did nothing (thats why i figured he was a democrat at heart lol), Willy had a purpose, he had a Job, and he was just great at being Willy, he was humorous, loyal, and provided 13 years of pure Joy in my life, I cherished him more than I do many People whom ive met in my life,and I can say that with  complete honesty…The way Ive dealt with my grief is I had a memorial sticker of my dog made up and it is on all my vehicles, plus ive got a Memorial tShirt made with several great willy shots on it.. This Spring I will bury his ashes on Willys Acre and make him a Small Memorial there, He spent a good part of the last 3 summers there where he was able to wander around with no worries what so ever, he had a great life..He went everywhere I went for the better part of his life. I could tell many many great stories about Willy but it would take far far to long, As for now I am refraining from getting another Pug, but I know eventually I will have to get another one, they are Great Dogs.. I miss my dog , but I know he can never be replaced.. As for Now I guess ill have to tend to Willys Acre with out him, but Someday I know Ill get a  chance to have another one.. Willy was the Best $275 i ever invested in my life, I wouldnt have sold him for a million dollars, seriously, he (Willy)had more to offer society then half of the Loons who are wandering the Globe now days.. People could lreally learn alot about life from Dogs if they really just sat back and observed them and interacted with them, Dogs Really are BETTER than Many human beings out there…thats just a fact plain and simple…

— Doug from Ellennsburg, WA