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Sprite 2

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  1. Betty Jo King Says:

    I listen to the show all the time I was listeng tonight and you talked about the dog corner great, I love dogs and even like cats, how ever dogs rule. I say “if dogs do not go to heaven I want to go where they go.” Please keep up the good work on your show we need some sensible people out there talking to us. Thanks BJ

  2. Laura from L.A. Says:

    What a handsome pup!! I am staring at your soft wavy hair, the delicate white frosting that enlightens your face as if the sun were shining right at you, the sweetness of your eyes and the warmth of your smile.

    Now I know a bit more why you are so missed. Who can forget such angelic perfection??

  3. Carolyn Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Mark. I had a dog once. He was a little Yorkiepoo named Sparky. Smartest little dog on the planet I swear. He would run around the outside of the house at full speed every night and bark at the top of his lungs to make sure that anything that might have been in the yard was scared away before he would come in and lay down to sleep. He only weighed about 3 pounds, but he was as brave and fearless as the biggest man when it came to protecting his family. He was poisoned by a neighbor who didn’t care for the noise. This was many years ago, I haven’t had another dog since, and I doubt I ever will.

  4. Mary Says:

    I would just like to say- Mark, if you are reading this… I just finished reading the book. I have never laughed and cried so much in one book-reading as I did for this one. THANK YOU!!
    I have yet to lose a dog…(one’s 5 and half and the other is about 2 and a half…) But when I do I know it will be nearly impossible to overcome. You were strong and you did the right thing by Spritey. He knew it and you know it. I am an animal lover above all else and like you and many others, share special bonds with dogs. So.. on behalf of all animal lovers and my rescue dog Abby, thanks so much for writing this book. Hope Pepsi and Griffen are doing well.

  5. Melody Schultz Says:

    Dear Mark,

    Looking at your beautiful Sprite almost brings tears to my eyes. He looks just like an angel. I know what you mean when you say dogs are not put on this earth long enough. I have 2 dogs myself and feel that my life just wouldn’t be complete without them. Dogs do bring so much joy to all of our lives. They are always there for you, no matter what. My dogs helped me get through some tough days 3 years ago when my Mom passed away. It took her a week to pass away (she had COPD, she was literally smothering to death towards the end). Coming home to my dogs was such a blessing. Thank God for these precious creatures. You still have Pepsi and I’m sure he is also grieving the loss of Sprite. I’m sure you will continue to love him with all your heart and soul, especially now.

    God bless you Mark and your family as well.

    I would love to meet you someday, you sound like you are exactly like me, a TOTAL dog lover!

    Your friend,


  6. Kevin Says:

    Hey Mark,
    Just finished reading “Sprite”; like Rush I’m a “cat person”; we had to put down our beloved cat Krickett about 2 years ago. We got her as a stray. I found her in bad shape trying unsuccessfully to have a batch of kittens–it cost $300 at the vet to save her life! ($300 for a stray cat!) I’m sure she knew we saved her life because she was the most loving cat we ever had.
    It was wrenching but after 13 years she had just worn out. We still miss her–but we got two cats from a shelter about six weeks later; a brother and sister who were only days from . . . well not being adopted and so . . . you know. We love ’em not as replacements but as additions!
    You said it often in the book–they love us unconditionally and are always there for us even when we don’t deserve it! They are God’s gifts and they are some of the best evidence that He loves us!
    Thanks for the book!



  8. Michelle Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss that you have had to delt with. I have a 10 year old golden retriver named Chessie. I will never forget the first day i layed my eyes on her. She is my pride and joy and after reading this book, it has made me realize even more that her days could be limited and i need to give her the best life possible. Through every chapter of your book, she was at my side. Being there for me when i needed someone there comforting me. Sprite looks kind of like my Chessie in this picture. Which is why i knew i had to say something about it. God bless you and your family.

  9. ashley Says:

    Oh my gosh! Sprite is soooo beautiful! I read your book Rescuing Sprite and I’m doing a class project on it. The book was so awesome, probably like my favorite book ever! Your book is so influencial and it has taught me to stay closer to my cat named Tiger. I love her so much and she is my best friend. I used to have a dog named Sully, but he died about a year ago, so I know excatly how you feel. Ever since I read your book I want a dog just like Sprite!

  10. Greg Says:

    I was very upset after losing my friend. It’s one of the most heartbreaking times in a persons life, to lose their dog. In life we have to give something to get something else. The only exception I can think of is….unconditional love. That is what our dogs give to us and it hurts when it is gone.

  11. gregory d. elder Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to share my story with all of you. My story is an admission of my guilt. this is a story about my cat…yes i said cat…but it is just as relevant as any dog story. and for the record i did order a copy of rescuing sprite today before writing this. to get to the point, i had a cat whose name was winston, after winston churchill, not the cigarettes. but i found winston on the side of the road, literally. i was driving down the road and saw him on the side of the road, abandoned. i stopped and oppened my door and he jumped into my car and curled up in my lap. i took him home and he lived with me for 6 years and then i moved to florida from tennessee and i trusted my sister with taking care of winston for me and she didn’t. a year later i found out from my nephew that my sister turned winston out and he died within a few weeks of my leaving…winston was my boy, i would come home from work and he would be sound asleep and all i would have to do was call his name and he would come flying from where ever he was at to me. he come running right up into my lap and head butt me right in the mouth, then he would walk around in circles in my lap and flop down and thats where he would stay until i went to bed. winston weighted 18 pounds and was a big boy, he was a bengal tabby, and he was my best friend. i screwed up by leaving him with my sister. i am guilty of letting him down and i will remember that for the rest of my life.

    thank you mark,