I recently put down my beloved golden retriever Sam of 13 years.  I have had Sam since he was a nine week old puppy.  I loved him the minute I picked him up like no other pet before.  I went through a lot with Sam in those years.  Your story of Sprite and your struggle to let go really helped me with my struggle of letting Sam go.  I felt the same feelings of guilt in that I ended his life with no right to do so. I hate to say this but the whole experience of putting him to sleep was traumatizing to say the least.  The vet had explained how it worked to me but not how quick it actually happens.  I would say it is something like shutting off a light switch.  I won’t forget it and will never repeat it again when it is time for my other dog.

I don’t want to recall hurtful memories for you by telling you these things.  I really just want you to know your Spritey, Pepsi and Griffen continue to give.  Your book was given to me by friend and appears to be signed by you which makes it very special.  I know you signed it years ago and it appears to be being shared with other grieving pet parents.  I will pass it on when the time is right to someone else in need of you heartfelt story.  Please share with your family in Thanking them for sharing there story it means a lot to me right now. Take Care and Thank You.  Sam is on the left in the photo.

— Katherina from Wasilla, AK