i am a cat lover, don’t really care for dogs at all… actually i own six cats. one day my wife brought home a young lost bull mastiff female. needless to say this caused the biggest fight of our young marriage. i was so mad that i walked out of the house. i truly felt that something horrible had been allowed into our home. i felt absolutely hopeless and that our cats would not live the week… now here is the interesting part, one year later. all of the kitties are still alive. Mali our bull mastiff female has slowly brought me around. slowly tearing down my preconceived notions of this breed. to me she is now my best friend never have i seen a more noble loyal and loving animal. just to share a small part of our life, we now fight over who she will sleep with for the night… she is so large that only one of us fits in the bed with her… lol.

just the simple fact that she holds me in bed and lays her head on my shoulders until she is sure i am asleep amazes me…and now i do not have to worry about my wife at home alone. i know she would protect my wife with her life…

she is a truly amazing dog and amazing breed.

maybe we are just lucky and have a unusually intelligent and loving animal companion in our lives? it is profound the way she has changed the way i consider large dog breeds. and needless to say even the kitties sleep with her now.

i hope that by sharing this with you it shows deep changes it has brought to my family life.

— Robert in Baton Rouge, LA