Ivan and Charlie

We rescued Ivan and Charlie back in 2004 when they were small puppies, litter-mates rescued from a high-kill shelter down south, and brought north during a three-hurricane mess.

There were three puppies in the litter and each one looked different, respectively named after the three hurricanes from which they were rescued, Ivan, Charlie and Frances.  Frances was a female puppy who apparently looked like a golden retriever and was immediately adopted (we never met her.)

Charlie was a  white fuzzball, super-cute, frisky and playful but Ivan had the Mange and the foster family that had sheltered the puppies told us that no one was even remotely interested in Ivan.   Still, they told us that Ivan was the smartest of the three and encouraged us to adopt both Ivan and Charlie.

We had seen Charlie’s picture online, but when we saw how attached Charlie and Ivan appeared to be, we adopted both of them.   After Ivan’s fur grew back, he was as cute as could be and very smart indeed.

Ironically, Charlie, the bigger and healthier puppy has had many, many health problems including seizures, hip dysplasia, skin infections and loose eye skin requiring two “eye lifts.”
Nevertheless, these two dogs have brought us so much happiness.  They spend a lot of time with us, on their dog beds next to each other or happily barking at anyone who ventures by our home.  Of course they sleep in our bedroom curled up on their beds.

And every night and every morning they literally kiss each other for about five minutes…it is a beautiful thing to see these “brothers” kissing each other!  And then, they come to us for a good morning and good night.  I could not love them more.

— Jane from New Fairfield, CT