On Nov 9th, my wife and I lost a dear friend, Stinger.   Though he lived with two of our good friends, Paul and Shari, we had the good fortune to get to know and love him as his ‘sitter’ when his owners/parents were out of town, for about nine years.    He was one of the sweetest natured cats one would have ever found.    Though he preferred solitude from his adopted brethren cats, he enjoyed people.  Never cross, or stand-offish, just a big gentle guy who enjoyed rubbing foreheads with you, and reveled in being pet.   Due to his coloring, always seemed to be smiling, and always made my wife and I smile when we saw him.   Stinger was the epitome of well behaved, and easy going.   It is with heavy heart, we say goodbye.   He was so well cared for by his care givers, Paul & Shari, and I wanted to share my sincere condolences to them.    Stinger was beloved by all that encountered him, and my wife and I will miss him dearly.    We loved him as if he was our own.

— James from Orlando, FL