Princess was a llassa apsa that belonged to my son who died. I have known Princess since she was 3 weeks old. As she grew older, she got Cushings Disease, we became like two damaged souls for I ruptured several discs in my back. She was happy to stay watchfully with me 24/7 and always sensed when I was in pain to comfort me. We did everything we could to keep her alive but she passed on May 30, 2012. She died in my arms at the Vets ICU. I cannot begin to tell you the Grief and Void I felt after she died. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would have survived losing my husband pf 40 years, eight months before my 35 year old son died too. I miss her more than I could ever explain to anyone and she could never be replaced.  She was a member of my family. Dogs are God’s gift to man. If you spell the word DOG backwards, it spells God. Dogs are God’s Champions on Earth for man’s comfort. Dogs never give up on people give up on people but people give up on dogs!  A dog’s love for its owner can never be destroyed because it’s not a love they earn but a love that is given freely. Dogs are man’s best friend. They lead us to God by example because Dogs give us true UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, the way God does.

Our entire world could learn a lot from a Dogs like Loyalty and Love that Never Dies.

— Lucille from Ocean, NJ