My Blue Healer got ran over by a car she was just a pup 6 months old . This was my wife’s and my first fur kid in 2000. She worked as a firefighter and a EMT/IV tech at a chemical plant. She told all the guys at the fire Dept. how upset and sad I was ….One night they called me and told me to come to the plant they said they had something for me. I showed up and low and behold in the floor of their kitchen out crawled a basset hound pup out of a dog food bag…he tripped on his ears. I named him Jack after a friend.he was my best friend.then in Aug. 2012 he was diagnosed with cancer ( Interoperable ) The vet said he only had about a month to live . he was born on Nov.25th I prayed he would make it to see his 12th birth day . With cortisone and prayer he did he was happy and played. HeĀ  got up on the morning of DEC. 6 and was was in server pain so we made a final trip to the vet…..I couldn’t let my little buddy suffer . He was the best dog that ever owned me.

— Charlie from Fall Branch, TN