My husband and I have taken in stray cats and dogs all our years, and it broke our hearts every time one passed away or had to be put to sleep.

Morgan, out precious black lab was a joy to us.  She had been abused by her original owner.  When the breeder found out he took her away.  Our Lab, Jake had just died and Morgan came into our lives.  The breeder gave her to us and said to just love her.  She was four months old and so lovable, but we learned that she had some problems.  There was no way she would get into a vehicle, short of being lifted in, and she was petrified of noises, and very shy.

Morgan loved playing frisbee and was such a gentle soul.  She loved to be hugged and sleeping on our bed.  But she also found security in her crate.  She loved the three cats we had and they loved her.  She would step within a fingernail of them without hurting them, and they in turn would not move an inch.

Morgan had the saddest looking eyes and we often wondered why.  What had been done to her?  That mad us love her even more.  She lived a good life and gave us so much love.  She began having spells and  would go outside and hide under the deck. We had to gently talk to her until she came out.

Her favorite place to sleep was on our bed or in the living room next to the sofa.  On February 22, 2012, it appeared she was sleeping by the sofa.  I called her for breakfast and she didn’t come.  I turned to call her again, and I knew she was gone.  Sometimes I feel we didn’t do enough for our little girl who had been abused, but she knew we loved her and she loved us.

— Sandra from Southwick, MA