Xena & Fly

We have 4 dogs…..3 are rescue dogs and one is a trained protection dog.  Xena is our German Shepherd protection dog,  Fly is our matriarch….my girlfriend got here almost 14 years ago.  Guerin is our boy dog and is he all boy….fast as greased lightening.  We recently got little Syd….and he may be small but he is fiesty.

We just had a close call with Xena when she got a terrible infection and we almost lost her but witht the grace of God and a wonderful Vet….she was saved.

I come today with a heavy heart as our matriarch Fly has sucumbed to Kidney Failure….we will have to let her go soon as she is getting worse and worse and with no hope for a cure we do not want her to suffer…she has been a fixture part of our family for so long I do not know how we are going to get along without being greeted at the door with her smiling little black face.  All of the other dogs show her so much respect and we can see that they know something is wrong just not exactly what.  We are spending all of the special time we can before she leaves us and we ask for any prayers you might give….she is very special to us as are all of our dogs…..but she is the momma of the house.

This is a picture of Xena and Fly….Fly is the little black one.

— Bob & Dawn from Grand Prarie, TX