Strider, our newest dog, a mini Aussie Shepard, is the best. He is special in so many ways.

We were still mourning the loss of our border collie, Flip,who died suddenly last July. Planning to adopt another dog sometime this year, a friend told us of a puppy that needed a home. The word was he was almost free since the breeder couldn’t sell him. It was love at first sight. There was something different about this puppy. He wasn’t quite 3 months old but seemed like a mature dog. Strider was raised in a horse stall yet he house broke himself. He adopted us quickly, following us everywhere. We could call him and he was there instantly. I enrolled him in a basic manners class and was easy to train. Having had 3 border collies, I was amazed how quickly he learned and wanted to please. What really made me realize how special he is what happened when I took him with me when I picked up my 90 year old mother from adult day care. I let the manager walk him in to meet the small group of elderly and disabled residents sitting around a large table. He was calm and let everyone pet him. Strider laid down next to the the person who needed the most care there. It was obvious he wanted to help in some way.

We are looking forward to our next class & working toward being a therapy dog.

— Pamela from Hamilton, VA