When I was younger my family (there were 7 of us altogether) had a beautiful collie names Sandy.  Like most collies he was gentle, affectionate & loving.   Most of all he liked to be petted, but when we got our first TV (in the 50’s) we were all so facinated with Roy Rogers and other programs and we would all sit around it and be more occupied with it than with him.  One day he went around to each of us to be petted and praised, but his feelings must have been hurt when we told him to go away.  Then he went in front of the TV and sat down so that we couldn’t see the TV, — only him!!  We all laughed and decided he was the most entertaining of all — even more than what was on TV, so we all got up and petted him and praised him.  I’ll never forget him.  He was our first and my most favorite pet of all.

— Rena from Stanely, WI