I adopted Daisy at age three from the animal shelter.  I did not realize she was a pit bull until my heart was completely taken by her.  I adopted her anyway, even though I believed the stories I read about the breed.  I constantly watched for any sign of aggression, and never ever saw any.  I only experienced the sweetest, most gentle dog I had ever owned.  Daisy was left at the pound by her former owner because she was unable to give birth to the latest litter of puppies she was having for their monetary gain.  Instead of taking her to the vet to help her deliver, they took her to the pound.  A vet at the pound surgically removed the puppies which were all dead.  The owners never went back for her.  Daisy quickly became a major part of our little family and was even loved by my five cats, especially one named India.  India always slept with Daisy.  Three years later, Daisy was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer and was given three months.  If any dog deserved a better life it was Daisy and I am still angry that the former owners never realized what a really great dog she was.  She has been dead a year now, but her paw prints are still all over my heart.  Pit Bulls have truly been given a bad rap, they are magnificent dogs

— Carla from Palm Springs, CA