About 6 years ago we rescued an older adult dog (Vicki the Canaan Dog), and she quickly became part of the family. During that time she survived two surgeries on her skin, one cancerous, the other not. She survived both nicely. About two months ago she got very sick very fast.Vicki got a salivary gland infection and her lymph system failed. Sadly we had to put her down.  We think Vicki may have been about 14YO. It broke our hearts. Going out the next week, “just looking” we came across Gracie the Cattle Dog. When we brought her out of her kennel to meet her, she jumped up on the bench beside me, lay down and put her head on my lap! Game over! We took her home that nite and it’s almost like we always had her! Thank GOD for dogs!

— Andrew from Hauppauge, NY