I wanted to share Trooper with everyone. He has been my pal since 2003…a Flame point Siamese.. he adopted us via the great people of the Dayton Humane Society (not affiliated with the natl)…I came home from the war injured in 2005 and best rest for the better part of a year…he would be on the bed a long with another who is now gone..Blue in 06. Quick with his charm….caring and always licking my face…he has made our lives so much better. He is now 12..perhaps older since he was a rescue and the doctor guessed 2. Sadly Trooper may be in the last days of life…lost weight eating has slowed and doc thinks the end is near.Still…while my wife and I are torn up at times..he comes to us as weak as he is…..he refuses to give up and who am I to deny him that. Whoever named him Trooper…did indeed name him right…a fighter to the very end….

— Tad from Ansonia, OH