Back in December of 2012, I decided to get a cat as a companion since I live alone. Long story short, I decided to rescue a cat from a local shelter I found on the internet. I was attracted to a little guy that had a hard start to life. At about 1 month of age he was found cold and alone and very sick. He was going to be put to sleep because he had such a terrible respiratory infection and his eyes were so infected they had to be removed. Yes, “Timmy” was only about 1 month old , sick and now blind ….When a lady that worked for the Vet saw he was going to be put to sleep, she said.. “I’ll take him and care for him”…. she raised him till he was about 5 months old.

Timmy has been a wonderful addition to my life and has adapted to his blindness so well you would probably not notice if you were not paying attention. He is a true friend, and a very loving and healthy little guy.

I work during the day so thought he may need a companion when I was gone. I adopted another female cat, Sunshine, who also has major visual impairments, nystagmus and corneal scaring and then some… Her story was also sad, a lady saw a man who was going to drowned her and her kittens in a lake and rescued them. It is terrible when people are so cruel, and see no value in life.

They have both become good friends and now have a loving home. I have worked, part of my career with deaf-blind and blind individuals, so have an extra insight in to their special needs… There are many blind and visually impaired cats out there that need adoption. They adapt so well that people should not make this a determining factor on whether to adopt them or not. In fact, you may find their depth of bonding makes it a positive factor.

— Thomas from Delaware, OH