I had to put my 19 year old Manx, Mimi, to sleep today due to advanced Hypothyroidism and Renal Failure.  Having lost my dog to cancer last year I am sad beyond words.  I have one remaining 17 year of cat of the 4 member animal family I once had and I cherish him all the more now.

Mimi was the undisputed head of the animal family.  She kept all the others in tow with a quick ‘pop’ and always demanded her share of attention first!  She was also a prankster and a clown!  She had this one annoying habit of chewing anything plastic:  blinds, plastic bags, whatever, which drove me nuts!  I could never put any plastic bags on the floor or anywhere she could reach!  But she was also endearing.  She loved my dog (Zoe) and often would curl up next to her on the sofa.  She would also clean Zoe’s ears and face when she deemed it necessary.  And Zoe took it in stride.

Mimi filled 19 years of my life with joy, laughter and snuggles and I will miss her dearly.  It’s going to take me a while to get past this loss.

— Sandra from Atlanta, GA