I just lost my best friend of 12 years a couple of hours ago. She was one of the most compassionate and caring creatures I have ever known. I have no words to express what I am feeling now, but it is comforting to come here and read stories of others to know that I am not alone. This dog was so loving I don’t think should would have hurt a fly. Funny story, I was so set on naming my dog max as a kid, I stuck with it even after I found out she was a female. It was funny listening to my parents explain that to company. She was there with me as I grew into an adult and it wont be the same now that she is gone. I loved her with all my heart, in a way that I imagine its hard to understand if you’re not a dog person.. I hope that this hole I’m feeling doesn’t feel so big in the coming days, they say time heals these wounds. Rest in peace Little Girl I will never forget you.

— Jeff from Terra Haute, IN