I rescued Lexi 7 years ago. I started calling her Lexi Luv Bug because she was the most loving, kind, beautiful soul I have ever had the pleasure been around. She took right away to my other boxer Annie. We became the good guy gang, the 3 of us. Back in February she became sick and had her spline taken out with a massive tumor on it. They gave her 2 to 3 weeks. She gained all her weight back and rocked and rolled for 3 healthy months. What a blessing. We had a blast. Out of nowhere she got really sick again. On Wednesday May 15th 2013 at 3pm I made the decision to put her down. We did it under a beautiful Apple tree with the sun and breeze in our faces. I breathed her last breath into my nose. The pain is unbearable. The world and I have lost a beautiful soul. I miss you Lexi Luv Bug…

— Kurt from Weatherly, PA