In May of 2000 I found Gus.  He came crawling out of a ditch just as I passed by on my way home from a horse show.  I thought I had rolled a baby raccoon.  I stopped and here was this puppy looking at me saying, “Gee lady what’s that for?”  I scooped him up and away we went.  Down the road a few minutes I looked in the backseat and he is FOAMING at the mouth…….carsick!   Oh well, trucks clean up pretty well.  Gus and my one year old border collie/sheltie mix Vinnie were the odd couple.  Vinnie was always neat, clean, and aloof.  Vinnie considered me as his job.  Gus always played in the mud/snow, not so neat and friended everyone, a social butterfly!  And that’s the way it was until 1/24/2013.  Little Gussy had been battling heart disease for four years.   I remember the night I had a conversation with him about my wish for him to pass at home so I could be with him.  I told him it was okay to let go.  He gave me that understanding look.   He hung on for a few more months.  Home from work on the 24th and I saw the look in his eye.  The light was gone.  That night he gave me my wish, he passed in my arms.

So now he’s racing around friending everyone in puppy heaven, playing in the mud/snow and still not neat.  Gus, I hope you have forgotten about all the really bad haircuts I gave you in the summers.  I’m now practicing on Vinnie.  LOL.   Luv you Gussy!

— Carol from Tulsa, OK