We adopted this beautiful Chow/Cocker mix from a wonderful rescue organization. She was originally my daughter’s birthday present (“I will take care of her, mom!!”); however, turned out to be my sweet baby girl. She had been badly abused, as we were told by the foster family. Gia was certainly shy and timid, but became the best companion and family guard dog we could have ever imagined. We had the pleasure of having her in our lives for 11 years. She developed kidney failure and I tried so hard to make her last days as comfortable as possible. Her last walk with me meant I had to carry her most of the way, but she loved every minute. I miss my sweet Gia and cannot wait to see her again in Heaven. (Incidentally, our two new rescue dogs love digging up the pizza crusts that Gia had buried in the yard!)

— Karen from Middletown, VA