Marv & Joe

Here are my two loves, Marv and Joe.  Joe (cattledog mix) was adopted by my family 6 years ago.  My mom didn’t have the time to walk him and provide a good life for him anymore in Illinois, so I brought him out to live with me in California.  Marv (dalmatian) was adopted shortly after, when I came across a posting with his photo from a breeder that was desperate to find a new home.  Marv is deaf and was adopted out to a family that did not want a special needs dog.  Before Marv arrived, we practice sign language with Joe so that he could help his little brother communicate with us.  With Joe’s help, Marv was able to quickly pick up on the sign language!  They are my little lovers and I am so blessed to have both of them.

— Jill from Pacifica, CA