Koa came into our lives at 4 months of age. She was the sweetest, loyal and cuddly dog. We consider her our family member rather than a pet. I have always had dogs and she is the sweetest one of all next to our Great Danes. She was a Pit Bull. Before Koa came along I was afraid of pit bulls because of the horror stories we hear about. My daughter came home one day with her and she has been here ever since. Our hearts are aching now, she died Monday. It just all happened suddenly, one day she was fine and the next she started having problems walking and each day got worse. We were at the Vet almost daily to find out what was wrong. She was having pain in her neck so the Vet thought it was that at first, but when she started having problems standing or walking they did what is called a Mylogram, and that showed she had a tumor on her spine. We were devastated!!! The vet said she did not recommend us putting her through Chemotherapy because her quality of life would be horrible and she would be sick all the time. We didn’t want to do that to her, we Loved her to much, so we had to say G’bye to her and it was the hardest and most horrible day of our lives. We all told her we Loved her and kissed her G’bye. She was 12 yrs old. Our home is not the same w/out her. SHe moved in 2 days after we moved into the house, so she has been here as long as we have. I don’t know if I will ever get over our lose. SHe was such a special girl and from day one she was such a good girl. She will forever be in our Hearts

— Healani from San Diego, CA