A young, pathetic little Scottish Terrier literally scratched on our front door one night. She had an ingrown, frayed rope around her neck and was riddled with fleas, ticks, and infection.

I had always asked about the possibility of getting a dog, but my husband was not open to it. We could not have children and our busy professional lives made it seem impossible to care for such a needy animal.

My husband told me that I had one week to find the dog a home, but by the end of the week, she was his Girl – we named her JoJo.

I think back now, and I had recently prayed to God that “I just want to know the truth.” AND “send me a dog that needs me.”

I got both.

She is 14 now and her time is very near; but we are happy to have been a part of her life and pray that another who needs us will find its way to us.

— Marty from Frisco, TX