If there is a God, I do not envy Him. Not if his duties include determining when it is that we make our exit from this mortal stage.

It has been a tough and sad week at our house. Our dear Jenny, who so graciously has shared her life with us for nearly eighteen years, has been waiting patiently, and with great dignity, to make that final exit. It came today, April 14, 2013 at 11:50 am.

We loved Jenny very much and did not want her to suffer because of our selfish unwillingness to say Good bye. However, determining when she should make her exit, playing God, was a role too far for both Pat and me. We can only hope that we played our roles adequately and did not make her wait too long.

If there is a Heaven, and what a nice surprise that would be, we know that Jenny is there, now, digging holes in the back yard and running playfully in the new-fallen snow.

Farewell Jenny. You were a dear and faithful friend and we will miss you very much..

— Dick from Omaha, NE