For the past 14+ years, my husband, Buddy, and I have had the joy of sharing our lives with our wonderful German Shepherd Dog (GSD), “Grover”.  We have both had lots of different dogs before, but neither of us had ever experienced the intelligence, loyalty and wisdom that Grover showed us every day.  As he aged, Grover developed osteoarthritis and began having difficulty walking.  And, when Grover made his 14th birthday in Dec., ’12, we knew that we were very blessed to have had him as a part of our lives for so long.  But, we also knew that his failing health would soon take him from us.  So, in his final months, we committed ourselves to keeping him as comfortable and happy as possible.  These were difficult times for all of us, but we told him we loved him every day and – when he no longer could get up from his bed, and had refused to eat for several days – we knew it was time to do the the ‘right thing’ for Grover.  This past Tuesday, April 9th, we took our beloved pet to be “put to sleep”. – and then brought him home to be buried in our yard.

— Dianna from Lebec, CA

Grover's 13th Birthday