In the winter of 1999, I drove down a dark lane with scraggly trees like hands reaching down to touch me, out in the dark country somewhere.The moon was in and out behind black clouds.This was to be my umteenth ‘rescue’ and inside the farm house I found a crestfallen little yellow lab, sitting near a cupboard in the kitchen with his head drooping. I entered and asked which dog was the one they were planning to put down, he was pointed out to me and I gathered him in my arms, all 6-1/4 lbs., and left without looking back.  He  grew into the most wonderful,giving Therapy Dog  (TDI) and our county Hospice Dog. I had to have him put down on Jan. 9, 2013 as he had just worn out, his joints carrying him up and down too many hospital and nursing home halls, for too many years. Too many people to love and look after and Commander was a gallent and compassionate friend to everyone till the end.  I’ve known & loved many animals in my life but I’ve never been as close to another – Commander & I were soulmates and I miss him terribly, every day that dawns.

— Judith from Clyde, OH