I’m crying as I write this post because we lost our dear friend Bandersnatch this morning.  Bandy was a fawn French Bulldog that belonged to my daughter  Holly.  He was only part of our family for two years but he touched all of our hearts like no pet has ever done before.  His incredible loving personality endeared him to everyone who knew him and he never failed to brighten our days.  It was impossible to look at him without smiling or even laughing out loud.  He talked to us with his little snorts.  Some people thought we were nuts when we said that, but it’s true.  We learned to interpret his snorts in such a way that it was almost like he had his own language.  You might say it was part of his charm.  We loved him like a child and he loved us right back.  Three days ago he got sick.  We took him to the vet and he had blood in his lungs.  He showed improvement yesterday and we were hopeful.  But this morning he took a turn for the worse.  He had a heart attack and his lungs were full of blood.  We think it was a snakebite, but we’re still not positive.  We’re devastated because we lost our friend and because we weren’t able to get to the vet before he died.  We miss you Bandy.  We miss you so much and we’re so sorry we weren’t there.  We hope we will all see you again.  If there’s a Heaven for dogs, We know you have the biggest wings.  We love you.

— Bucky from Wichita Falls, TX