Two days ago, we lost our dear dog, Abby, to diabetes.  Abby came into our life 9 years ago when my husband decided he really wanted a dog. I admit I wasn’t so keen on the idea, but when I left my place of work one day, there was my husband, sitting on a bench with a small energetic puppy from the animal shelter.   I admit my heart melted, just a bit.  Abby fit into our family perfectly, and she left us with many wonderful memories.  When we brought our son, Nate, home after graduating from Navy boot camp, Abby welcomed me home – all excited, jumping up and wagging her tail;  But her reaction to our son was different.  He had collapsed on the couch right away, exhausted after the long trip.  Abby went into the living room, laid her head on his chest and looked at him, sadly, as if to say  “Where have you been?  I’ve missed you so much!”.  Abby loved Christmas.  When we started wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree, she always knew there were some for her.  On Christmas morning, she’d rip open the packages of toys and snacks, all excited.  For the next three nights, she wouldn’t come upstairs to sleep in our room , as she usually did.  Instead, she would sleep near her presents under the tree, protecting them from the cat (who couldn’t have cared less!).  Abby was there for my husband when he got congestive heart failure, knowing something was wrong.   She gave our whole family love, unconditionally, and her passing has left a giant hole.  We already miss her so much.

— Kathy from Indiana, PA