Toonces & Smudge

Our old “Mom” cat had finally died of old age.  When we and the kids had the funeral in the back yard, a stray female cat was waiting at the prepared gravesite.  After the service, she followed us to the house and demanded to be let in.  We named her “Toonces” after the “driving cat” from Saturday Night Live.  A couple of months later she had a 4-kitten litter.  We gave away 3 of them, but one had such amazing colors we kept her. She was named “Smudge” as she looked like she fell down a chimney.  This mother and daughter became our best and most loving friends.  Toonces died 2 years ago at the age of 21-1/2.  Smudge died a year ago at 19-1/2.  We could not stand to have a house with no animals.  We went to a Pet Adoption fair 3 months ago and found “Sophie”.  A 6-7 year old “Little Orphan Annie” type terrier.  The new love of our lives.  She even came pre-programmed with tricks. (Sit, shake, sit-up).  Pets are one of God’s most glorious gifts.

— Mike from Richmond, MI