On June 28, 2010, I adopted a sweet 3 year old angel in a tuxedo – Louie Reese.  In 4 years.. we’d gone from a 4 cat house down to one heartbroken kitty.  Scott Joplin had lost him mama Lucy very suddenly 3 weeks earlier to an illness I was unaware she had.. and we were desolate without her and our 2 other kitties who were lost in the previous years.. Scottie needed a brother and friend.  I was compelled to go to the humane society and after a brief search found our angel.. Louie was 3 years old and had been there for 5 months.. He has healed and charmed and loved his way into our hearts and although it took Scottie awhile.. they are now the best of friends.  Louie was God’s beautiful gift to us..

— Laurie from Traverse City, MI