My Beloved Dog Eddy
I was listening to Glenn Beck weep about putting having to have his dog put down today. It reminded me of three Decembers ago when I had to put down my beloved Eddy. He was a huge part Lab part Newfoundland and he was 13. He was my faithful, loyal protector and friend for 12 years. I acutually rescued him from my former workplace and had the police come to my office about it, When they heard the whole story, he was mine to keep until that day he could no longer stand or walk. He had a beautiful death, He LOVED snow, eating snow, doing dog angels in the snow. When the time came for him, I asked the vet tech to go get a bucket of snow, We dumped it on top of him and I rubbed his nose in it, He was eating it and so enjoying the cold snow. I put his head on my shoulder as the shot was given, and he went to dog heaven. I am convinced he willl be waiting for me. Although very sad, the next day I was relieved and knew I had done the right thing. He was loved and well take care of, as he loved me and took care of me. I now am the mother of the daschund I rescued, Hoover, I had him while I still had Eddy, and I will someday rescue another loyal friend. I was never a big dog lover, but Eddy was the dog that taught me how and why we love them.

— Patricia from St. Paul, MN