It has now been one month since our pet Chipper passed away.   Words just can’t express how much a void we have in our lives since he left us.   Every time I walk through the door into the house I expect him to be there to greet me with a hug.   His presence is felt just as strongly as it was when I took this picture of him inspecting his stocking early on Christmas morning before everyone woke up.

He was very high maintenance to the point of stalking me all over the house and he would go crazy to be with me when I was outside.   I loved it!   Having someone who unconditionally loved me and wanted to be with me 24/7 was a joy and I miss it!

My kids grew up with Chipper and miss him so much.   My wife has mourned along with me as he meant so much to everyone.   Domesticating Pets has to be among the best inventions ever made by man.   What a blessing they are!   RIP my beloved Chipper.   We love you!

— Fred from Suwanee, GA