Bonnie Richardson

I want to share the story of the late “Bonnie Richardson” with the fans of this page.  Bonnie was a beautiful Jack Russell Terrier that I bought from a breeder when she was just 11 weeks old.  At that tender age, Bonnie had already experienced abuse.  Sadly, in the 15 years that Bonnie lived, she never got over the emotional trauma.  She could not relax and just enjoy the love that my husband and I so desperately wanted to give her.  She was a biter and a fighter.  My vet encouraged me to euthanize her but I refused.  I loved her all the more because she need care and undrestanding, not to be put to death.  On September 19, 2012, due to old age and multiple health problems, I had to help Bonnie cross over the Rainbow bridge.  Part of my heart left with her, I miss her so very much.  I don’t have human children.  Bonnie was my needy, crazy child for 15 years and I wouldn’t change a day of that experience. RIP my sweet Bonnie.

— Debbie from Jonesborough, TN