We had the good fortune to have the sweetest, kindest Old English Sheepdog ever born to share our home for 12 years.  We had to say goodbye to him due to advanced arthritis.  We told the vet we wanted to spend some time with him so we could say goodbye and be with him to hold his paw for his final minutes.  I had a large container of sour cream with me.  The vet’s assistant asked me why I had it.  I told him it was for Barney.  When he asked why Barney needed it I told him ’cause he likes it.  He said, “Aren\’t you afraid it will upset his stomach?”.  My reply was, “Well, he’s not going to live long enough to get an upset stomach, is he?”  Don’t be afraid to stand up for your four-leggers.  They are truly humans best friends.  I don’t understand why retail outlets, particularly bars are forbidden by Health Departments to allow dogs in, when some of the customers are allowed in.  Dogs are far better companions.

— Doris from Cypress, TX