Hello,I will try and keep it short.I am 48 and when I was a kid lost my mother and from there on father,brother my wifes parents in one year.Total of 15 peple two years but I had my Jack Russell Missy wich I recued at 10 months old for 15 years wich was my buddy and helped me in so many ways and I hoped I did the same for her.Well she got breast cancer and hung on for 6 mnths and passed in her sleep the day after thanksgiving.And I might be crazy but I think I took it harder than any human death I had to deal with.But 2mnths later I adopted another Jack Russell and every day I miss my dog Missy and Thank her for what she has done in teaching me how to love and raise my new dog. The power of an animal,If we all could learn the same thing.

— Brian from Bay Shore, NY