One day as I was driving my Dad to a doctor appointment I noticed a dog standing in a field near the highway. Our town seems to attract people who abandon their pets and that day I knew another pet was looking for a home. I knew I couldn’t stop right then ,so I made up my mind to look for this dog as soon as the appointment was over and my Dad couldn’t say “are you out of your mind?” When we got back I checked up and down the highway worrying about the thin collie mix. He was gone and I felt awful. We live about two miles from where I saw him and I needed to get back, so I tried to put him out of my mind. That night I walked out my kitchen door and sitting at the end of our drive was Harry. Our town has 600 people but somehow he had found his way to our house!  I called to him and he ran as fast as lightning to me like he had always been mine. The instant our dogs met him they loved him as well as the cats. He knew no strangers man or beast. He had no bad habits except for his ability to scale any fence to take a walk around town greeting everyone. He loved water and would throw himself into any size puddle or pond then run home with his happy face. Many of the neighbors would give him a ride if theycame across him. My favorite story is when he would escape to our groomers home where he would wait for her husband to open the door, then dash down the hall and get in their bath tub. He seemed so terribly happy to be a part of our family and we loved him for the rest of his life. I will always believe God led him to us that day. He was truly a great dog.

— Vicki from Wapella, IL