My wife and I adopted an older, abandoned Pomeranian several years ago.  When we met her, she was a mess and was scheduled to be euthanized the next day.   We quickly fell in the love with Mimi and enjoyed three years together before the awful day when we knew we would never see her again.  Like Sprite, she too had developed a tumor which caused her to turn in circles until exhaustion.  As we waited in the vet’s office, a wonderful woman introduced herself and spent the next thirty minutes asking us about Mimi.  As we were about to be called, and with no sign of embarrassment or apology, she led us in a prayer for Mimi.  Several other people in the room joined in bowing their heads while she thanked God for the precious friend that He had brought into our lives.  I’ve often wondered (seriously) if this woman was an angel.

— Ron from Dearborn, MI