Skylla & Bella

In September 2010, while enjoying the end of summer, my husband and I were aimlessly cruising around the lake.  He turned to me and said he thought he saw a puppy on shore, so we headed that way to take a closer look.  The shoreline where we were headed was several miles from any homes or roads.  As we approached, TWO of the smallest, scrawniest puppies I had ever laid eyes on came bounding out of the woods, jumped in the water and swam straight for us! Our engines were still running and we were still under-way, about 20 feet offshore.  My husband and I made eye contact and we both immediately knew what was to come next.  I jumped in the water and handed him the puppies one at a time.  They were covered in fleas and ticks, and completely emaciated.  Ribs and hip bones were clearly visible.  We cut our weekend short and brought them home.  The vet said they probably would not have lasted another night on their own, and I later found out that my vet was surprised they survived at all even after their first initial visit to him!  They are both girls, Skylla and Bella, and are the most amazing dogs I’ve ever owned.  They both have their own unique personalities and lots of it! I can honestly say, I’m not sure if we rescued them, or if they rescued us!  The incredible joy and love they have brought to our home…. there just aren’t words to describe.

— Rebecca from Birmingham, AL