I found out yesterday.  I put it off as long as I could. My beloved Skeeter “little girl” suffered from liver cancer.  It got to the point that she walked very slowly and you could see in her eyes she was suffering.  I have cried and cried over letting her go.  The pain I feel is comparable to what I felt when my mother passed away with cancer and I set by her bedside to the end.

I cling to the hope that I will one day see her again, and that God has a special place for those special friends who bring so much unconditional love, joy, devotion and blessing to our lives.  What would we do without them?  My heart has a great big hole in it now that Skeeter is gone.  But I thank God for all those precious memories of times we had together.  I loved her dearly and miss her inensiely.  She followed me everywhere I went in the house.  I really understand how you felt when you wrote your book now.  I hope you can share my story with others on your web site.

— Lynne from Titusville, FL