My husband and I wanted another member to our family.  We had lost Johnny Ringo about 2 years before and felt the time was right.  I began looking at the website for the Humane Society in our area.  We live in a country setting and have a lot of area to offer.  I was searching the site and found the article about Koal.  He had been in the shelter for a long time and was scheduled to be euthanized that next weekend.  They described him as being about a year old and part Catahoula leopard dog.  They said he was good with other dogs and also good with cats.  (I did not have a cat at that time but I thought that I would get a cat later on (maybe))  I called the shelter about Koal and let them know we were interested.  That very next weekend we went to the shelter.  We did not go to the shelter empty handed though; we brought treats, blankets, bleach, laundry detergent, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, dog and cat food, and more stuff.  I brought treats in my pocket to give to the other dogs.  The shelter personnel took us to go and see Koal.  He was in a medium (small) dog house within a fenced cage.  He unfolded himself to come out and greet us.  I fell in love with him instantly.   The shelter tested him for heartworms and he tested negative.  I would have taken him anyway.  Good gracious he was stinky though!  He seemed to be so happy to be with us.  I had bought some fancy dog food to feed him when he got to our home but  within minutes he vomited it right up.  Maybe it was the excitement on going to a new place or the new food I did not know.  Now, we know that Koal has a sensitive stomach and treat it accordingly   He is a great dog.  I wish that all the animals in shelters could be adopted.

— Susan from Kemp, TX