Buster kitty showed up on our doorstep.  He had a collar on him that was so tight his skin had grown around it. He was almost feral, but not quite.  He didn’t trust us at all, but he was starving.  We cut his collar off and started to feed him, outside. He filled out nicely, what a gorgeous tomcat!  Took him to the vet to get him his shots, get him checked out, get him fixed, and offer him a place in our home.

We found out Buster has FIV from his time outside.

Our vet said his future is unknown, but the choice was ours .  We would be perfectly reasonable if we were to put him down, but we did in fact have a choice.  We wondered why the Vet staff, usually so friendly, was so quiet when we came in to speak with the vet.  They thought they knew how this would turn out, and had all fallen for him during his stay with them while we decided.

(Dang the dust in here, making my eyes water up…)

With some very reasonable adjustments, Buster is now a member of our family.  He got very defensive when I brought the mail in one time (I was carrying a rolled up magazine) so I’m careful about that.  Can’t say what I’d do if i found out who caused him to have  that reaction.  I know what I’d do, I just can’t say.

He’s still trying to figure out showers – warm rain inside? What’s up with that???  15 pounds of Tomcat turning into loveable fuzzball is pretty cool.  He follows us around whenever we’re home.  Needless to say he gets lots of treats to make up for his year of living on the street.

Our favorite couch potato in training!!!

— Paulie from Madison, AL